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Posted by ipadbuzzblog on January 23, 2015

Tips to Maintaining a High Level of Security on Your iPad

Your iPad is an expensive device, which means it needs to be protected at all times from damage. But in addition to protecting it from spills and falls, it also needs to be protected from being lost or stolen. With all the sensitive and confidential information that is typically stored on these devices, it’s important that they never fall into the hands of someone other than yourself.

Here are some tips on how to keep your iPad private and secure:

Install an App That Helps You Find or Disable a Missing iPad

If you take advantage of Find My iPad by MobileMe, you’ll have some reassurance that your information on your lost or stolen iPad can still be kept private. This app can also be used on your iPhone.

By signing up for this app, you’ll be able to quickly identify where your iPad is on a map. In addition, the Remote Lock feature allows you to lock your iPad remotely using a 4 digit password. You even have the ability to remotely display a message on your iPad, such as “If you have found my iPad, please call XXX-XXX-XXXX.”

If you find that none of these methods gets your iPad returned to you, your last resort is to completely wipe out all information on your iPad. This can be done remotely by doing a Remote Wipe, which essentially brings your iPad back to the way it was before you even took it out of the box upon purchase. This will wipe out all the information from its hard drive so that it doesn’t get into the hands of someone else.

Other Means of iPad Security

For added security, try to remember to always keep your iPad locked whenever it’s not in use. It only takes a few seconds, and can really be a life-saver should your iPad get into the wrong hands. Just make sure that the password you come up with isn’t easy to be hacked.

You might also want to consider deleting your cache and history frequently from your browser for additional security and privacy.

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