Stylish and Sophisticated Gucci iPad Cases

Posted by ipadbuzzblog on January 23, 2015

As if hStylish and Sophisticated Gucci iPad Casesaving an iPad wasn’t stylish enough, now you can boost your level of sophistication with a gorgeous Gucci iPad case! The design company has always been known to come up with creative and innovative styles in the fashion industry, and now they’ve spilled their outside-the-box thinking into the realm of audio visual equipment!

There are a variety of colors to choose from to suit your tastes, each one designed using the brand’s ultra popular trademark patterns.

Gucci leather iPad cases are now available for purchase on their official website at, as well as in participating stores.

Anti-Glare iPad Screen Protector from BoxWave

Considering how delicate and expensive the screen on an iPad is, it only makes sense to outfit your iPad with a protector. Not only will this save the screen from damages (and ultimately your pocket book), it will also help to cut down that pesky glare that typically disrupts your image that you’re trying to look at.

BoxWave has come to the rescue in this department. The award-winning company’s ClearTouch screen protector is truly unique. It’s easy to put on the iPad, and also simple to remove.

You don’t have to worry any longer about those annoying fingerprints, dust films, or air bubbles thanks to this handy accessory. No matter how much brightness is in the environment around you, the ClearTouch screen protector will dramatically cut down on the glare. It actually reduces UV rays by up to 90%!

The cherry on top is the fact that the protector is even washable and reusable. There’s no need to replace it every time you spill your coffee on it. Simply remove it, wash it, and replace it!

ClamCase Multi Position Stand

If you’re looking for an all-in-one case for your iPad, then the ClamCase Multi Position Stand is the one for you! This impressive accessory acts as a case, stand and keyboard to help you boost your efficiency while protecting your coveted iPad.

Typing is a cinch thanks to ClamCase’s wireless Bluetooth keyboard. You have the option to choose from 3 different display modes with the stand that offers incredible flexibility including a 360 degree flip case!

BookArc Stand

To make viewing and using your iPad as easy as pie, check out the BookArc tabletop accessory. Not only is it flexible and affordable, it’s also highly sleek and stylish too.

This product is made out of heavy gauge steel that makes it incredibly durable, yet it’s soft to the touch thanks to its silicone cushion. This handy stand allows you to view your iPad from 4 different positions. You can either position it upright in a horizontal or vertical position, or you can angle it as well. You can easily sync your iPad no matter what position you choose. You’ll easily be able to create a work station by combining the stand with your wireless keyboard.

Regardless of whether you have work to do, are following a recipe, or just want to read an e-book, the BookArc stand will make any task a cinch. It’s gentle on surfaces, so you don’t have to worry about it scratching anything.

If you’re on the go, this accessory is for you!

Speck iPad Screen Protection & Cases

Speck has come out with some awesome accessories for your iPad, including their PixelSleeve Plus carrying case and ShieldView protective screen film.

Anyone with an iPad knows how important it is to protect this delicate device. Thanks to the PixelShield, you have the advantage of a flexible neoprene exterior and a 3-layer protection system. This is a fantastic option if you’re looking for something that’s both functional and stylish. The interior is scratch-free, and contains micro-fleece that provides all the protection your iPad needs.

The PixelSleeve Plus carrying sleeve offers the ultimate in protection for your iPad. Featuring the same materials as the PixelShield, this accessory comes with a zippered entry on the side, and a carry handle for easy transporting.

The ShieldView protective screen films will help protect the screen of your iPad from scratching or smudging. You won’t have to suffer through any reflections or glare thanks to the coating and non-adhesive screen protector. You’ll even get a handy CrispView cleaning cloth to keep your shield fingerprint-free.

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