Keeping Your iPad Safe and Secure

Posted by ipadbuzzblog on January 23, 2015

When it comes to protecting your iPad, security is a factor that all owners need to keep at the forefront. Many iPad users tend to use this gadget for a number of functions that involve inputting private information, including photos, emails, phone numbers, and other sensitive information. If the iPad was ever stolen or lost, this sensitive data is being put on the line. This is why it’s crucial that all iPad owners know what their options are when it comes to keeping their gadgets safe.

Consider these tips to keeping your iPad secure at all times:

Disable Your iPad if it’s Lost or Stolen

If your iPad has been lost or stolen, immediately disable it through Find My iPad by Apple’s MobileMe. The app also works to help you locate your iPad, and also works for iPhones.

After signing up for the app, you can check out the location of the iPad on a map. The Remote Lock feature can also be used. You can display a custom message from anywhere even if the iPad is locked. For instance, you could type in a message such as “Please call XXX-XXX-XXXX if you find this iPad”.

If this doesn’t get your iPad returned, you can do a Remote Wipe, which is essentially your last resort. This method involves restoring your iPad remotely to its original state when you first purchased it, wiping out all the info that you input into the hard drive after you first got it.

Other Methods of Keeping Your iPad Secure

You should start getting into the habit of locking your iPad every time you aren’t using it, if you haven’t been doing so already. It only takes a couple of seconds, and can easily be done by going to “Settings”, “General”, then “Passcode Lock”.

You should also consider deleting the history occasionally from the Safari cache for additional privacy.

Make sure your passwords aren’t easy to hack. Programs are available to help you effectively manage your passwords.

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