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Posted by ipadbuzzblog on January 23, 2015

Comedy Club Charges by the Laugh Using iPad Facial Recognition

Usually when you decide to hit up a comedy club you hope that the comedians are funny as hell, to the point that you’re busting a gut throughout the show. But if you plan on visiting a particular comedy club in Barcelona, you might want to deliberately hold in a chuckle or two in order to save money.

The Teatreneu Club in Spain used facial recognition form iPads to count the number of laughs from the audience, and is actually charging per laugh. Seriously? Who came up with this genius idea?

Hmm, 24 laughs, 13 giggles, and 18 snickers. That’ll be 8 Euros please.

Thankfully, this was only an experiment, and not something that is going to be indoctrinated in comedy law. The club wanted to give this amusing experiment a whirl, giving willing customers an iPad featuring facial recognition technology to record every time they laugh.

The cost was 0.30 Euros per laugh.

Hopefully this will just remain an experiment in the past. Imagine if it were to become mainstream? How much would this affect the acts? How willing are people to visit a comedy club – a place that’s goal is to make people laugh – only to be charged out the nose for each time they chuckle?

Regardless, laughing might only be one criteria to charge for. Who’s to say that movie theaters won’t start charging per “whoa!” during summer action blockbusters, or restaurants from charging for each clearing of the throat?

How far will data go?



Don’t Leave Your iPad Behind, Or You Might Get it Back Loaded With Selfies From Total Strangers

Never mind all you banking information, private photos, and other sensitive information on your iPad that could fall into the wrong hands if you misplace it. If you have the good fortune of having your iPad returned to you, you could find crazy selfies from total strangers who happened to stumble across your device.

This is exactly what happened to a New York man who left his iPad behind on an IcelandAir flight.

There’s no secret that airports and planes are notorious for people leaving stuff behind. There’s little chance of you ever seeing your things again if you leave them behind.

But Stepan Hruda actually got his iPad back after leaving it behind on his flight. But he got a lot more than what he initially left.

When the crew discovered the iPad, they decided to tweak the device first before returning it. When Hruda got it back, he found that it was loaded with selfies from the flight attendants.

Good thing Hruda has a good sense of humor.







Airline Rental iPads May Possibly Cause Temper Tantrums . . . in Adults

Airlines have come up with a way for passengers to pass the time while in mid-flight by offering iPad use for rent. The only problem is, passengers have to hand them back to flight attendants once they’ve landed in their destination.

Can you imagine a scenario where a passenger is so caught up in a game of Candy Crush or Farmville?

“Excuse me, sir, we’ve arrived at our destination. It’s time to hand in the iPad before exiting the aircraft.”

“Oh please, just 5 more minutes!! Please! Please! I just adopted a baby piglet. I can’t just leave it without being fed or cared for! It’ll starve to death!”

Enter security.

Such juvenile behavior can certainly be provoked. It’s like dangling a carrot in front of a horse. You can’t just tease them like that then yank it away!

Regardless, iPad rentals on airlines are obviously feeding a huge demand. People just can’t live without their technology, not even while in mid-air.





Ever Wonder What Would Happen to Your iPad if You Microwaved it?

As soon as a new gadget comes out on the market, there’s always going to be some idiot who is willing to conduct some wacky experiment with it. That’s exactly what one particular individual did when he first got his iPad.

Here’s his genius idea – record what happens inside a microwave while it’s cooking, by using the iPad to capture the footage.

Well, as you can imagine, the iPad didn’t live to see the results. When the iPad came out of the microwave after being nuked, it looked more like a sizzling piece of radioactive material than a sophisticated technological device.

Oh well, I guess the iPad owner got his answer – the expensive way.







IKEA Catalogue = iPad?

IKEA has come up with a hilarious parody of Apple’s iPad for the launch of their new 2015 ‘Cookbook’ catalogue.

The Swedish retailer has been known to have humorous ads.

The new 2.5 minute ad reveals the new catalogue, and presents it as a gadget that somehow seems incredibly familiar.

The “Bookbook” is so technologically cutting-edge it comes with a fully-charged battery that never depletes, and no cables are ever required. (get it?)

Touch technology is used to navigate the new catalogue. All you have to do is swipe your fingers from right to left (aka turning the pages). You don’t even have to wait for any pages to load, as they’re all right there already, waiting for your perusal.

Users are even able to ’share’ the catalogue with friends (as in passing the book around).

This clever, hilarious spoof makes the idea of this catalogue even more appealing.

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